I hate drivers who don’t turn their lights on!


I really don’t like drivers who ignore their headlights. Why on earth do you want to be invisible to the other drivers?


I took these two photos last summer, during heavy rain. I stopped at a parking place amongst the road, just south of Borlange on Riksväg 50.

Full moon behind clouds

I took this photo from my balcony yesterday evening:

A new theme!

I’m testing a new theme here on my international site. I haven’t used it for a while (!) since my photos didn’t fit the old theme – they were too wide… But now with the new theme I’m ready to post new photos here again!

See ya!

Borlänge, Dalarna – at Night

Some photos from Borlänge, a town about an hour (to the north) from my place. Kupolen is a huge shopping center with three floors.

Kupolen at Night

Roundabout in Borlange at Night

Roundabout in Borlange at Night

View over Lake Vasman, Dalarna Sweden

Sky over Lake Vasman

View over Lake Väsman from the old mine Lekomberg just outside Ludvika.

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Birka Paradise

Birka Paradise just left the port in Stockholm, and are now heading towards Mariehamn, Åland (Finland).

Tags Birka Paradise, Stockholm, Stockholms Ström, 18-55 mm

Sky watch Friday – at the top of the trees

Today’s photos is from one of my favourite places, a small forest lake in Grängesberg (Sweden) where you’re almost at the same level as the top of the trees. There is so much sky to look at!






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This is where I work


The photo is from this truck:


But I don’t drive trucks at work, I work in the filling-area (mostly at the can filling line) at Kopparberg’s Brewery. Did you know that Kopparberg’s Pear cider is the world’s largest cider brand?

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Photos of a beaver

This Wednesday I saw two beavers swimming around in the lake in Sundet. It was a fabulous feeling to be so close. I had the EF 80-200 lens mounted at that moment, and I didn’t want to waste time switching to the 400 mm. But next time I will bring you some 400 mm beaver shots. :)

Some of the photos are cropped.





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Bird photos

Today’s trip in the woods ended up with photos of two birds, one European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) and one Black Grouse or Capercaillie – I cannot tell the difference…



Tags birds, 400 mm, photo, European Robin, Black Grouse

Dark clouds over Lake Vasman, Sky Watch Friday

Yesterday we went for a short trip to Ludvika (about 30-35 km from our home). It rained like h*ll at home, but in Ludvika the roads were dry. The sky was wery dark though, and we drowe down to lake Vasman to get a nice view:



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No hamburgers today, just an ice cream. :)

My favourite lake

This is my favourite lake, just about 10 minutes from here by car. Located in the middle of nowhere, in the woods:


It’s the same lake as in the last Sky Watch Friday-post.

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Sky Watch Friday – A view from the clear-cut forest

The other day we were at our favourite lake in the woods, but this time we found a new place where we were high above the lake. A really nice spot we definitely will return to!




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Cool art

I found a site with photos of very cool art in Brazil: